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home office More than 50 million Americans work from their homes at least part time and about a quarter of those work at home full time.  Many more Americans have carved out spaces in their homes for managing their household finances, doing school homework, and pursuing hobbies.

The ubiquitous personal computer is partially responsible for this trend.  With its small size and large data capacity, and its ability to access information via the Internet, the personal computer has become a primary feature of many home offices.  A wide selection of computer desks and ergonomic office chairs are available to fit in with most home decorating styles.  Low cost copiers and fax machines, sometimes integrated into an all-in-one machine with a flatbed scanner and color printer, have enabled the home office to become an efficient and productive place to work.  Many of us can now work at home part of the time, saving commuting time and energy costs in the bargain!

home office desk surface These changes in our work and living patterns is profoundly affecting the way we organize our home living space.  Many new homes include spaces designated as dens or home offices, but most older homes do not.  For these older homes, the simplest solution is sometimes to convert an extra bedroom into an office, but other approaches may require rearranging existing furnishings, minor alterations, or even serious design and remodeling work.

When planning your office at home, remember that, in addition to being an attractive space, it should be a well-organized space that encourages creativity, enhances productivity, and is an enjoyable place to work.  A home office can increase the market value of your home, particularly if you design it intelligently and construct it using quality materials and workmanship.

Home Office Design and Construction

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Equipment and Supplies for Home Offices

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