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home office essentials In order to suit your needs, your home office must have all the basic equipment.  Once you have the basics down, you can add things from your wish list!

A good home office has plenty of work surfaces.  If you are using your home office for family purposes like paying bills and surfing the Internet, a simple desk might do.  However, if you are running your business out of your home, you will need enough work surface to accommodate your computer, fax, telephone system, printer, and any other business equipment you use.  You should have enough work surfaces so that they remain uncluttered and organized.

home office chair You'll also need an out-of-the-way, neat, and organized area to store paperwork like bills, contracts, and invoices, as well as personal and business records.  This may be as simple as a desk with drawers, or may comprise an elaborate file cabinet system.

A telephone with a separate line is a good idea, particularly for those with children who are using their office for business purposes.  Remember, just because your office is in your home doesn't mean it shouldn't be professional!

Other equipment you'll benefit from include bookshelves, flat files, and disk storage desks, depending upon your line of work and what you are using your office for.

When putting the basics into your home office, make sure you take health and safety into consideration.  Your desk and chair should be the correct height, and your computer should be set up in an ergonomic manner.  There should be plenty of light in your home office, from both natural sources and artificial sources.  Make sure you have good overhead lighting, as well as supplemental lighting from floor lamps and desk lamps.

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Home Office Basics and Equipment Guide

basic home office components
Basic Home Office Components