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home office plants In order to make your office truly comfortable and ensure it says something about you, you'll want to decorate it.  Adding color, plants, window treatments, and accessories can take your office from boring to breathtaking.

Since your home office is part of your home, it stands to reason that its decor should match, or complement, the decor in the rest of your home.  While it won't do to have a sleek and modern office and a country-French decor in the rest of your home, this is especially important if your office shares space with another room, like a guest room or family room.  One of the great things about today's home office furniture is that it is not the stark, utilitarian furniture of yesterday.  Now you can get office furniture in just about any style.

home office furnishings Once you've selected colors and furniture that match the rest of your home, keep in mind that a productive work space will be one in which there is reduced visual clutter.  With that goal in mind, keep colors, patterns and fabrics on furniture and in wallpaper, and styles of furniture to a minimum.  A good rule of thumb is to pick a few choice pieces of furniture that match in style, then add on with accessories like accessories, rugs, and artwork that build on that motif.  Avoid a scatter of objects like family photos, children's artwork, souvenirs, and mementos.  You want your space to be soothing, relaxing, and conducive to work.

If you are going to paint your walls, change or refinish the flooring, or add window treatments, these are best done before you furnish your office.  Other pieces, like supplemental furniture, accessories, and antiques, can be added once your office is up and running.

This HGTV home office designer portfolio features many photographs and examples of home office designs.

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