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home office layout After you've found a space for your home office, you'll need to think about furniture positioning and layout, as well as how you are going to furnish your office.

First of all, take a look at the room and decide in which direction you want to face when you sit at your work space.  Do you want your back to the door for privacy, or do you want to face the door so you can welcome people when they arrive?  Your work surfaces should be at least 22 inches deep, and your computer should be placed so that there are 18 inches of clear space on at least one side.  Make sure to plan your office furniture so that you can move easily around it, with a clear path from your desk to the door.  You may also want to arrange for a comfortable seating area for clients and customers.

home office desks Carefully plan the location of each piece of office equipment so that it is convenient as well as aesthetically pleasing, and take care to follow ergonomic recommendations, especially for your computer setup.  Equipment like faxes and printers should be placed so that they have enough room for both the bulk of the machines and the way they take and spit out paper.

Telephone placement is extremely important in a home office, so plan the location of your telephone carefully.  It goes without saying that you shouldn't have to jump up and run across the room every time the phone rings.  Make sure you can reach the phone from your primary work space.  If you are right-handed, place it on your left-hand side so you can jot notes with your right hand when you talk, and vice-versa.

Finally, plan your office so that electrical and telephone hookups are safe yet tucked away.  Be sure you are able to easily access light switches and outlets.

The Home Office Planner, by Barty Phillips, is a helpful resource for planning a home office and designing its layout.

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