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kitchen office Deciding where to locate your home office can be quite a challenge.  However, if you take your time to look around and let the creative juices flow, the possibilities are endless!  Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

If you are using your home office for things like paying bills, writing letters, and surfing the Internet for personal use, and don't have a spare room, try borrowing a bit of space from another room.  A bit of strategically placed cabinetwork can turn the corner of a bedroom or family room into a cozy computer center.  Built-in cabinets, countertops, and shelves can be added to a guest room to create a family office that also doubles as sleeping quarters when the in-laws are in town.  Kitchens with built-in desks are perfect for paperwork and family bill-paying activities.

home library office If your office is going to be used for business purposes, it will need its own space.  It should be located in a spare room away from family life and noise.  If customers or clients visit your office regularly, then in should be located, if possible, in an area that has its own access.

If you don't have an ideal space in your home, a detached studio, or a remodeled basement, attic, or garage are all feasible options.  Most of these types of spaces are spacious enough to accommodate your needs as well as those of your clients and customers; they have the added benefit of being separated from your living space.  When choosing your location make sure that, if there is not plenty of air, light, and ventilation, these things can be added during the remodeling phase.

For home office ideas, inspiration, and sample photos, see Sunset Books' Ideas for Great Home Offices.

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